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Illinois Crop Update – July 12, 2024

Kathryn Seebruck – Commercial Agriculture Educator
Stephenson County
Soil Conditions: Moderately Wet (soil is damp, standing water may be present in low areas, water bodies are full)
Some side-dressing is still occurring on later planted corn, and beans are currently being sprayed. Some are struggling to finish wheat harvest due to the wet weather we keep getting. Not all areas have been affected similarly with rain, but the range is between just enough and too much to the point of creating drowned out low areas;…

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Illinois Crop Update – July 5, 2024

Russ Higgins – Commercial Agriculture Educator
Grundy County
Soil Conditions: Near Normal
This past week I had the opportunity to travel a larger area of northern Illinois. Generally, both corn and soybean crops appear to be in good shape. This comes as somewhat of a surprise when considering what the crop has endured to this point (near midway) in the growing season. Earliest planted crops include R1 corn and R2 soy. In recent trips across the countryside,…

Illinois Crop Update – June 28, 2024

Nicole Haverback  – Watershed Outreach Associate
Henry County
Soil Conditions: Near Normal
After a few needed storms this week, Henry county received around 2 inches of rain with hail and wind impacting some areas

Figure 1: Hail damage soybeans- Annawan

Figure 2: Hail damage corn – Annawan

Figure 3: Hail damage corn- Annawan
Emily Hansen – Commercial Agriculture Educator
LaSalle County
Soil Conditions: Mildly Dry (soil is drier than normal,…

Rootworm Beetle Emergence – 2024 Monitoring Program

Corn rootworm beetles will begin emerging throughout Illinois over the next couple of weeks (we noticed the first few western corn rootworm beetles of the year at our Urbana field site earlier this week). There are a number of things we can learn by keeping track of corn rootworm emergence, particularly in fields that have a history of rootworm problems:

  • Control performance. Usually, our first indication that a local population is developing resistance to a Bt trait package is elevated numbers of beetles emerging from traited corn;

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